Dr. Tecla Fuller

Often little girls envision their wedding and what their wedding dress will be when they grow up, not me, all I ever dreamed of was owning a horse. My walls were plastered with pictures of horses, I saw every movie, and read every library book written that was about a horse. I was 23 years old when my dream finally came true. He came straight off the racetrack, a big, dark bay thoroughbred and his name was “Benny”. He was full of personality. I had to put all the years of reading to use as this man hadn’t seen anything in his life except a flat racetrack. Our first trail ride together was an outing of patience as he had never encountered rolling terrain in his lifetime. It took me three hours to get him to go up a hill. We spent a glorious five years together learning and loving one another and having the time of our lives. Our most memorable trip was a pack trip in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Sadly, our time together was much too short. After a severe case of colic and two colic surgeries, I lost him. 

After Benny, my barn grew from one horse to many in attempts to fill his void. Over the past twenty-five years, I have had some special horses and had some unique experiences, such as getting to ride with Pat Parelli at his ranch in Colorado, but none of these have yet replaced Benny. It’s his image that graces the logo for Alpine Animal Chiropractic. 

I have always had a deep passion for animals, but never combined that passion into my work, until now. When my beloved cat, Alpine began to express a decline in her health due to chronic kidney disease, I began searching for alternative care options. The care that we desired was only available from one veterinarian in the area. She was in high demand, so we were put on a waiting list to see her. Alpine’s health continued to decline, and I was never able to utilize alternative care before her passing. Her death inspired me to make a life change. I decided to expand my practice to help animals too. 

In May 2021 I enrolled at A.C.E.S. (Animal Chiropractic Education Source) in Meridian, Texas completing a 240-hour post-doctoral course in Animal Chiropractic in just under four months. I have also obtained certification as an Animal Chiropractor with the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA).

Whether I am serving patients with two legs or four, I feel very blessed and very inspired to be able to provide additional health options for animal patients that my previous animals were never afforded.

About Alpine Animal Chiropractic

Just like humans, four-legged pets and animal athletes can benefit from Chiropractic care to address injury and pain relief as well as overall health and wellness. 

Alpine Animal Chiropractic is a Mesa, AZ based Animal Chiropractic service provided by Dr. Tecla Fuller, DC. Her human practice, Fuller Life Chiropractic has been providing care for patients in the East Valley since 2017. Having senior pets of her own (two horses and two cats) with chronic health conditions, she became passionate about expanding her Chiropractic knowledge to include animals. Alpine Animal Chiropractic opened in August 2021 and was named after “Alpine”, beloved feline (06/2002 – 03/30/2021).

Animals under regular Chiropractic care typically have overall better health and function, improved mobility, reduced pain and muscle spasms, optimized performance, improved speed and accuracy of movement, decreased degeneration (improved longevity), reduced likelihood of injury, etc. 

Alpine Animal Chiropractic provides exceptional, personalized, and passionate care for your animal by an AVCA certified Animal Chiropractor.