Trigger Point Therapy (CTB™)

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Trigger Point Therapy (CTB™)

Restoring muscles to health and providing pain-free movement

CTBTM is a unique approach to therapeutic body work to efficiently treat trigger points in muscles and restore normal motion across joints. 

Studies have shown that over 80% of pain complaints presented at clinics are likely caused by myofascial trigger points rather than actual tissue damage. Trigger points are microscopic areas of stagnation in the muscle fibers. Trigger points occur in single muscle fibers and in groups. The group of fibers or bundle is taut, hard, and ropy with tenderness near the center of the fiber.

CTB has a high success rate even with severe pain across a wide variety of diagnoses (20-50% improvement in Frozen Shoulder in 90-minute session).

Our treatment protocols are designed to visit all the muscles that are relevant to a particular regional pain complaint based upon years of research into direct and satellite referral patterns, functional relationships, perpetuating factors, nervous and vascular impingement and processing of the kinetic chain. We employ other modalities in conjunction with our work, which may include various forms of heat, electronic point stimulation, PIR (Post-Isometric Relaxation) techniques, and vibration therapy for neurological distraction. 

Each CTB session is a refined form of trigger point therapy involving a strong movement component, teaching muscles to lengthen and shorten without the disabling pain response caused by trigger points and dysfunctional muscle fibers. The focus of CTB is to restore normal pain-free movement.

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